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Should I Upgrade
to Windows 10?
No — Not Until:

1. The Bugs are out

There are always hitches and glitches when rolling out any new operating system. Wait till these are worked out. This usually takes six months to a year. Since Windows 10 was released in July, the conventional wisdom would be to put off any  upgrade until after Christmas, or even next summer.

2. There is a real benefit

Be sure Windows 10 will bring you a true functional benefit, such as allowing you to use new software or access new services. The usual hype about  greater speed, security and ease of use doesn't always bear out. Even if it does, consider the disruption that a fundamental change like this will bring. Be sure the pain will really be worth the gain.

3. Your current system is working well

If your current Windows 7 or 8 computer is slow, infected or crashes, an upgrade to Windows 10 is very unlikely to help, if it works at all. That's because the upgrade process is designed to keep all your software, data and settings intact during the move. And in most cases that will transfer any problems as well.

4. You are using Windows 7 or 8

Still on XP or Vista? The free upgrade to 10 only applies to 7 and 8. Otherwise, Windows 10 costs $129, and can only be applied as a "clean" installation — your settings and programs won't be transferred. Data will have to be moved separately, pushing labour costs.

5. You really, really hate what you have

Windows 8 is arguably the least-loved version of Windows ever launched. Many users recoiled at the clumsy implementation of the "tiled" interface and disappearance of the traditional Start Menu. Both those mistakes have been rectified with Windows 10. That may be enough to convince the "Hate 8" brigade to upgrade but remember Item 1 on this list — there will still be glitches.







1. It's Not '8'

Those frustrated by Windows 8 design changes will love the return to the more traditional, Desktop-centred look-and-feel of Windows 10.

2. It's Free (but not for all)

Windows 7 and 8 computers can upgrade at no charge, for at least the first year.

2. Keep your Current Hardware

Get up-to-date without the cost of new hardware.

3. Speed.

When all goes well with an upgrade or clean install, Windows 10 really is faster — especially in the time it takes to start up.

The Cons

1. It's Not 7

Less confusing than 8 but not as familiar as 7. Expect challenges mastering any new system.


Many Tech2Go customers report that after the upgrade some features (sound, USB devices, etc.) no longer work, performance is slow or the PC just won't start.

Microsoft's aggressive use of popups (a.k.a "adware")  to push its risky automatic upgrade flies in the face of conventional wisdom, which holds that a clean installation — without transferring drivers, settings, and other possible sources of incompatibility  — is the most reliable way to move to a new operating system.


Pushy popups from Microsoft make it hard to ignore Windows 10.

But what to do if you are happy the way you are and don't want to change? Or want to move to Windows 10 but  are concerned about the risks?

There are options:

Do nothing

If you are satisfied with what you have, do nothing — Windows 7 and 8 will be fine for years yet.

 If the upgrade popups are driving you to distraction, you can turn them off.

The process is complicated but, if you're up for  the challenge, click here for more details.

Do a Clean Install

This is the most reliable way to get Windows 10 installed, but it's not for the faint of heart.

For those with the technical chops, click here for more details.

Buy a New PC

Many new desktop and laptop PCs come with Windows 10 installed and ready to roll.

If your current hardware is eight or 10 years old, or has started to prove unreliable, replacement may be the most reasonable choice.

Need More Help?

Let us help you find the way that works best for you. Call Tech2Go at 613-592-5059 to arrange for a consultation with a Windows expert.



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